And so THE WOMAN’S party draws to a close…

Happy Birthday THE WOMAN WHO LOST CHINA!Writer Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang

Today is the last day of THE WOMAN’S birthday fiesta week. I must thank all of you who have helped launch both THE WOMAN WHO LOST CHINA and my writing career; readers, friends, critics, publisher, agents, bookshop owners, family, DAD and, of course, YOU LOT, that is the wonderful crew down at Nottingham Writers’ Studio!

I leave THE WOMAN to stand on her own two feet for she is grown up now. But she will always be a very special daughter to me.  I have got some new and exciting non China writing projects in the bag…watch this space.

Before I go I would like to mention a few of the interesting English language China books just published or coming to publication in the near future.

Susan Blumberg Kason’s Good Chinese Wife promises a courageous memoir about her failed love affair and five year marriage to a Chinese man from the People’s Republic of China.  Publication date is the 29th of July 2014.  Ray Kwong has already given the book some cheeky tweets.  I am certainly looking forward to getting my copy!

Nicki Chen’s Tiger Tail Soup transports the reader into the heart of a war in China that started more than four years before Pearl Harbour and into the life of a woman who survived it.

And last but not least: Will Buckingham’s A Book of Changes: Sixty-Four Chance Pieces, is a novel of sorts that uses the I Ching, the ancient Chinese divination manual, as a machine for telling stories.

So I sign off with one last global round of virtual drinks.  Thanking you all on behalf of THE WOMAN WHO LOST CHINA, gan bei and cheers!

And don’t forget today is the last chance to take advantage of Open Book’s discounts on THE WOMAN WHO LOST CHINA. Hurry up before they run out of plates!

Purchases must be made via paypal from my website or direct from Open Books. The USD paperback is reduced from $16.95 to $15.99 and ebook from $4.99 to $3.99. The GBP paperback is reduced from £10.98 to £9.99.

THESE Discounts are also offered today (Saturday 14th) at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio stall at THE LOWDHAM FESTIVAL.  LIMITED COPIES SO DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY!

The book continues to be available at the standard price from Barnes and Noble, Waterstones (ebooks only) and all international Amazon domain names including Amazon India. See the buy page of Rhiannon’s website for easy links or go direct to the host.